I have a Huawei device and NiLS doesn't work properly or stops after a period of time

Huawei devices (p6, p8, etc..) requires some additional configuration to make NiLS work properly.
Here is the known list of options that make NiLS work fine on those devices.

  1. Phone Manager - System optimization - Settings - Automatic cleanup - off 
    (Prevents Huawei from killing NiLS service when the device needs memory to run other apps)
  2. Phone Manager - Dropzone management - NiLS - on 
    (Allows NiLS to be displayed on the lock screen)
  3. Phone Manager - Protected apps - NiLS - on or Phone Manager - Advanced Manager - Battery Manager - Protected apps - NiLS - on
    (Protect NiLS from being killed by other apps - might eliminate the need for disabling automatic cleanup)

Make sure you restart your phone after enabling those options to make sure NiLS will start running on a "clean" environment.

If you still won't manage to start NiLS properly on your device, please contact


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