What's new on v1.7?

After few months of development and testing, version 1.7 brings some exciting features and improvements that you may find useful:


New Appearance Options

Version v1.7 brings cool new appearance options that were previously only available through NiLS Lollipop Theme and now they are available to use on any theme including the default theme:

  1. Card style - show notification with rounded edges and a small drop shadow, just like Android Lollipop cards.
  2. Mini Icon - show a small app icon with colored background circle, so you'll be able to know which app created the notification.


Media Control and Action Buttons

I received many requests for media playback controls and although it was available through Persistent Notifications it wasn't convenient enough, now NiLS will show a special notification for media playback with 3 action buttons (usually prev, pause and next song depends on the music app).
Media notification will have a small music icon in the bottom right corner to indicate that the are playback control buttons in this notification.

Clicking on the notification will expand it and you'll have 3 action buttons. those actions can also be accesses normally when touching and holding the notification icon.

Action buttons are also available for standard notification, such as Archive or Delete buttons on GMail notification.


Smooth Scrolling

When scrolling through notifications NiLS now will animate notifications to fade out smoothly instead of cutting them out, for better user experience. this mechanism will also help you see when there are more notifications than the ones that are currently displayed.


WhatsApp Mark As Read action button

Since Android 5.0 WhatsApp notifications provides an hidden action button to mark conversation as read directly within the notification. this action button doesn't appear on Android standard notifications bar - but now it appears on NiLS notifications. 
As long as you are using Conversation Mode for WhatsApp notifications you'll have a new "V" button when expanding the notification to mark conversation as read. This action button is also available when touching and holding WhatsApp notification icon.



New easy to use "Clear All" button

Clearing all of the notifications at once has been always a hassle when you needed to drag the notifications all the way down to clear them all.
Now you can easily clear all of the notifications at once by swiping the notifications list down a bit and clicking the "clear all" button that will be revealed.


Android Marshmallow new permission system support

Since Android 6.0, apps are no longer need to request all of the permission up-front, so now - NiLS doesn't require any permission when installing and you can grant specific permissions to it while using it.
For example - if you want to use the "Turn screen off" option you'll need to grant NiLS "Allow modify system settings" permission.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Hide NiLS when there is an incoming call. (Android 6.0 users should enable this option under "Lock screen" options and grant the required permission.
  • Automatic disabling of Android stock Heads-Up notifications when enabled on NiLS. (Only on Android 5.0-5.1.1 since Android 6.0 contains built-in option to disable "peeking")
  • Fixed duplicated messages with 8SMS app.
  • Fixed wrong layout on low-res devices.
  • Fixed many crashes that were reported through FC dialogs.

I hope you'll enjoy the new improvements.
Let me know what do you think on Google+ or on the comments section below.


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    Hiran Menezes Filho

    how do I get the beta test !? already I uninstalled and downloaded in playstore and continue with version 1.6

  • Avatar
    Roymam Support

    Version 1.7 is still now on beta.
    To join the beta testing follow instructions on

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