What are the premium features of NiLS?

The premium upgrade includes the following features:


  • Change the background color and transparency.
  • Change the icon background color and transparency.
  • Use "Auto Title Color" - this means that the title of the text can have the prominent color of the app's icon - e.g gmail notification will have red title, WhatsApp will have green title, etc.
  • Change notification size to be 1-9 lines or unlimited.
  • Single Line - show the text of the notification in the same line as the title.
  • Change icon size from (24dp-64dp).


  • Change the theme to any one of the NiLS themes available on Google Play (there are few). a theme can change the standard appearance of the notification but can also have a different graphics and shapes (e.g rounded icon).

Quick reply:

  • Show "quick reply" box within the notification preview so you can quickly reply a message (from WhatsApp, Hangouts, Gmail, etc...) without unlocking the device.

Additional Features:

  • Swipe right to open - swipe the notification to the right to open it (instead of dragging the icon).
  • Always visible - show the notifications also on top of your unlocked device (home screen, apps, etc) until you dismiss all of the notifications. this option is deprecated and will be removed soon.
  • Use Halo - if you a custom rom that supports Halo - NiLS is capable to open the app from the notification in a floating window on top of your lock screen.
  • Mark as Read - additional "Mark as Read" action button for supported messaging apps including WhatsApp and Telegram (requires Android Lollipop).

And of course all of the features on any future update of NiLS.


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