Does NiLS work on Android prior to 4.3?

Yes, NiLS works on any Android 4.0 or higher, but due to Android limitations it has few drawbacks:

  1. Notifications are not synced with the notification bar. (i.e dismissing a notification on NiLS doesn't clear it on Android notifications bar)
  2. Quick reply functionality is not available.
  3. Full notification content (e.g full email body with archive and reply buttons) is available on for the first unopened notification, when there are multiple unopened notification, only the first line will appear on NiLS (e.g on gmail - only sender name and the subject will appear on NiLS).
  4. Full conversation is not available (e.g full conversation on WhatsApp messages)

All other features, including the premium ones should work as intended. if you'll find any issue, please let us know on


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