How to install NiLS?

Thanks for trying NiLS, here are instructions how to install it:
1. Install NiLS from Google Play.
2. Run NiLS app and follow the installation wizard.
3. During the installation wizard, you'll be redirected to an Android settings page, locate "NiLS Service" item there, enable it.
4. Press "Back" button to go back to NiLS app.
If you want to use the old widget, go to NiLS Settings > Widget Settings and you'll get detailed instructions how to add NiLS to standard Android 4.2 lock screen.
Few important notes:
Samsung devices lower than 4.3 may have some issues with accessibility services and the device starts speaking. if you encountered those issues, you'll need to disable TTS completely. 
see here details how to disable it:
If you have Samsung S4 and have those issues you out of lock - there is no way to disable TTS completely.
Lock screen widgets:
1. Android devices lower than 4.2 are not capable of showing widgets on lock screen. However you can use 3rd party lock screen such as WidgetLocker to be able to do that.
2. Each device model has its own unique way for adding lock screen widgets. You'll have to google for your device model specific instructions of how to add lock screen widgets.


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