What's new on NiLS v1.7.1? (beta)

NiLS v1.7.1 is rolling out soon...
Here are the major improvements in this version.

1. Tint background with app color (Premium)
This is the most noticeable improvement. 
Under Appearance settings you'll find an additional option called Tint Background With App Prominent Color - this option will mix the background color of the notification with the prominent color of the app that created the notification - so you'll be able to have a colorful notifications list where every app has its own unique color based on the app icon (for example - WhatsApp notification will be green, Gmal notifications will red, etc...).
Combined with Auto Title Color it can look wonderful like this:


2. Full unread WhatsApp conversation with contact names (Android 5.0 and above)
Since WhatsApp stopped providing the full conversation messages for each notification, the conversation mode become less informative and contained only the unread messages for each conversation without a contact name for each message so we cannot know which contact send which message.
Now, NiLS will be able to show you for each message the correct contact name. 

This was done by mixing partial information from the "Summary Grouped" notification and the individual conversation notification extended text that available only on Android 5.0.

3. Tasker Integration (Premium)
If you are a "Power User" and you want to control how NiLS is configured based on events on your device - this feature is for you. using Tasker app you can now configure NiLS to behave differently whenever an event happened. for example - disable "turn screen on" option when you go to sleep and enable it back on the morning. 
For more information please see this extended post.

4. Small tweaks and improvements
Many small tweaks and improvements, like:

  • Hide heads-up notification from the currently running app.
  • Hide notification action buttons when start replying to make more room for reply text.
  • Added +/- buttons for slider controls for more granular control of some settings.
  • Added media playback buttons for some media apps - like Samsung Music, PlayerFM & Plex.
  • Added support for more lock screen apps like C-Locker Lite.
  • Many bug fixes, see "Whats New" on the app itself for the full list.

5. Last but not least - Special Ambient Mode (beta)
This option is still on beta, but you can enable it now if you wish under Lock screen settings > Advanced.
Whenever the device turns on with stock ambient display (on Nexus/Pixel devices), NiLS will show the notifications list as a monochrome white on black list, so it will fit the look of the ambient display. when you turn the screen on - it will be automatically back to color. 

I hope you'll enjoy the new features and improvements, if you'll have any question or issue - please contact or post comment here.


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